Special Occasion!

Second-hand Testing Machine prompt delivery

Dear friend, our Team is pleased to inform you about a great opportunity available these days. It’s about a very special Burst Testing Machine able to test discs in a range between 75 to 100 mm (3’’ and 4”) with a maximum reachable speed equal to 50.000 rpm. This machine is a second-hand unit but it’s only three years old. Of course, all basic components of the Tester Unit will be totally revamped and the machine will be supplied with same warranty period as given on brand new machines.

Main technical features are listed here below:

  • Electro-spindle driven
  • Installed power of 4 kw, ceramic bearing mounted
  • Various safety sensors guarantee the security for a reliable test
  • At wheel breakage and/or at the end of the test, after deceleration has started, the machine stops automatically
  • A vast number of recipes can be set

Don’t miss this opportunity!

If you have any questions or need more details,

do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department!


Maternini R&D offices are proud to present to abrasive players all over the world two new devices which can support and integrate your product development potentiality.

We talk about standalone testing units perfect to arrange trials concerning filling and levelling of mixture: MDM WEI-FILL & MDM GRA-FIL.

Machines projected for filling of mixture by weight and rotating levelling (the first one, MDM WEI-FILL) and by volume with scraping blade (the other called MDM GRA-FILL).

Both of them ideal to proof the quality of spreadingof mixture into the mould by using two different ways.

Possibility to pick-up the moulds and place them under a press to obtain finished wheels and develop further tests with finished product.

Quality and performance of your discs are your winning feature.

MDM wants to make you a winner!  

Christmas is coming!

Our best wishes, from the team DAVIDE MATERNINI SPA
May you all live with your family, a bright Christmas
And a happy and prosperous New Year

See you in 2022!

Something new is coming up!

Don’t miss this opportunity!


Dear Customer, have a look at this chance:

second-hand press machines now available on the market.


RAS concept machines




n. 2 Hydraulic presses MDM 350 L – 250T

Two external and indipendent working stations with central pressing position which allow to produce cutting and grinding wheels of different type and size: from 100 mm to 300mm ( 4″ – 12″).

Machine complying with CE safety norms.




n.2 Hydraulic presses MDM 400 SP 350T

Machines designed to produce both cutting and grinding wheels  (flat or with the depressed center) with diameter from 100 mm to 400mm ( 4″ – 16″).

4 columns structure.

Machine complying with CE safety norms.



If you are interested do not waste time and contact us!


A new entry in the family of auxiliary machines: the way to count wheels.

The functionality of the machine is to quickly and accurately count a predefined number of wheels set by the operator or by the person in charge of the packaging inside a production department.

Basically, an arm driven by an electric motor collects four wheels (or three depending on the chosen CTP model) and places them neatly on an unloading belt.

Previously, the wheels are loaded manually on a rotating store which allows the machine to continue working during this operation.

Of course, depending on the needs, it is possible to select the height or rather the number of wheels that must be stacked one above the other on the belt.

Extremely interesting is how the machine can be integrated with the following steps in the production cycle: the stacks can be collected manually or by means of an automatic arm and moved according to the logistic process.

Another interesting aspect lies in the fact that the machine is equipped with special lifting flanges that allow it to be easily moved inside the shed.

Ultimately we can proudly say that the final goal of this machine is to facilitate packaging operations by reducing the margin of error to zero in the counting phase.

For more information don’t hesitate to contact us at maternini@maternini.it

Our best wishes

A very challenging year is almost over and it is time for us at Davide Maternini Spa to thank our Customers, Suppliers and Collaborators for the uninterrupted cooperation.

We wish you all a joyous holiday season and a New Year where everyone may find health and stability.


We want to share with you the video presentation of an important project that we are proud to support: the Lollipop project, realized by a team of researchers from the University of Milan. This team has developed an innovative molecular salivary test for the identification of Coronavirus.

Good viewing:


Take advantage of 4.0 Industry and make your job interconnected

Today, the importance for a manufacturer of having machines capable of “dialogue” with the staff in charge is increasingly growing.

Fundamental data regarding the reliability of the machinery, as well as the repeatability of the output, are analyzed in order to minimize the margin of error and constantly monitor the quality of their production.

And it is precisely for this reason that MDM technicians have developed and tend to periodically optimize machine/man communication systems.

In addition to the classic “historical” file that lists and processes the dimensional characteristics and cyclicality of each produced abrasive disc on an Excel sheet, a second dedicated software was developed specifically for processing additional data.

Through various tools such as linear graphics, Booleans, orientation images and CSV files, the operator is perfectly capable of understanding and managing multiple information such as: the productivity of the machine, the quick and smart identification of alarms, the frequency of the machine stops,  the quantity and reasons of rejects, work times and downtime of each single station … all about daily production!

But that is not all.

All this amount of information can be transmitted to the customer’s intranet and this means creating 4.0 connectivity within your company.

This feature, closely linked to the technological innovation of each individual company, is agreed and defined between the MDM technicians and the customer.

The main signals that the machine must transmit to the internal system are defined and the receipt of production orders (recipe – quantity – order identification …) is arranged directly from the system, and the operator only has to select the order to be executed.

This connection is made through the most modern software on the market (DBMS such as SQL express).

Any company today looks to the future… MDM is excited to create it with you !!!

We are back and ready to restart our engines!

During our 73 years of activity we would have never imagined experiencing a historical event of this magnitude.
In the past two months we have experienced different moods, from the pain of the loss of so many fellow citizens to the frustration of the necessary isolation to which we have been subjected, but with the only hope that we would return soon to our daily lives.
Now, we don’t want to deceive ourselves, the battle is not yet won and we still have a long way to go,
but, in full compliance with all regulations to protect ours and our collaboratores’ health,

we are ready to restart the engines with the same power that distinguishes us.

We want to warmly thank all those who sent us messages of affection and closeness. We heartily appreciate it.


See you soon and look forward to seeing you in the most beautiful country in the world!


Keep believing in us!

Dear Customer,

over the past few weeks, we have received many messages of solidarity from all of you.

We want to thank you and assure you that we will soon be able to get out of this difficult historical moment and to be stronger than before.

Keep believing in us!

Do not forget we are always available for any needs by phone (+39 0332-425268) and by email.