Electro-coater MDM GEC 1400


The focus today is centred on a special machine dedicated to the process of coated abrasive creation. We are glad to introduce you the Electro-coater MDM GEC 1400. The concept of this machine is to coat the abrasive grains, from coarse to micro grits, according to a specific physical principle. The abrasive grains are strewn over a conveyor belt dispenser and pass through an electrostatic field. An AC square wave high voltage generator supplies the field with a tension of 80 kV. This technology is the ultimate in order to address, or better, to orient the grits in the most appropriate and most performing spread. The weight of the abrasive grits to coat on the web is easily verified by control of speeds conveyors as well as from voltage and frequency variations. A vibrating device uniformly distributes the grits into the hopper width, alternately to gravity or electro coating hopper. The gravity coating unit is independent from the electro coating thus allowing to simultaneously use both gravity and electro coating systems.

Main technical data:

Working width corresponds to 1400 mm

Width of the electro-coater corresponds to 1600 mm

Grit coating range from P40 up to P2000

Working speed 0:50 m/min

Overall dimension 2,6 x 2,5 x h2,25 m


This is a device designed to assist,

to support and to improve the performance and the quality of the product.

This is the mission of our Electro-coater MDM GEC 1400.