Our new entry in the world of testing machines!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are extremely pleased to introduce you a new evolution of our R&D and Tech Office branch. Since the leading of performance of an abrasive disc is becoming more and more important and a real key of success, the availability on the market of machines able to deal with the quality of discs is fundamental too. The Testing Unit we are introducing you today is called MDM 230/400 and measures the cutting reliability of large discs from diameter 230 up to diameter 400 mm. It is clearly compact and easy to position or to move as necessary within your company.

The main feature of this tester is a semi-automatic controlling system. A leveller staying externally the safety cabin is controlled manually by the operator. In this way it’s possible to perfectly simulate a chop saw stand which can be easily found in any mechanical workshop. Awareness and experience, especially for large diameter discs and for such kind of operation, are essential for operators working with these tools. The user will be indeed able to apply more or less pressure to the leveller in order to register different behaviour of the wheel.

The machine itself is able to detect many kinds of data like: duration of the cut, pressure, speed and consumption in Ampere, number of cuts and data historicization…. a multitasking machine! Of course, all data are set in a recipe and operator can set the targets he needs to reach during the testing session. As previously anticipated, machine’s size is not so bulky (around 2,5 x 1,5 meters) and it has been studied to help the ergonomic of the user. Don’t hesitate to ask us more info or questions about this new frontier for the testing instruments!

We are at complete disposal!