Electro-coater MDM GEC 1400


The focus today is centred on a special machine dedicated to the process of coated abrasive creation. We are glad to introduce you the Electro-coater MDM GEC 1400. The concept of this machine is to coat the abrasive grains, from coarse to micro grits, according to a specific physical principle. The abrasive grains are strewn over a conveyor belt dispenser and pass through an electrostatic field. An AC square wave high voltage generator supplies the field with a tension of 80 kV. This technology is the ultimate in order to address, or better, to orient the grits in the most appropriate and most performing spread. The weight of the abrasive grits to coat on the web is easily verified by control of speeds conveyors as well as from voltage and frequency variations. A vibrating device uniformly distributes the grits into the hopper width, alternately to gravity or electro coating hopper. The gravity coating unit is independent from the electro coating thus allowing to simultaneously use both gravity and electro coating systems.

Main technical data:

Working width corresponds to 1400 mm

Width of the electro-coater corresponds to 1600 mm

Grit coating range from P40 up to P2000

Working speed 0:50 m/min

Overall dimension 2,6 x 2,5 x h2,25 m


This is a device designed to assist,

to support and to improve the performance and the quality of the product.

This is the mission of our Electro-coater MDM GEC 1400.

It’s wedding time… at Maternini

On Friday, September 15th 2023, our colleague, Eng. Giulia Tagliatti, Technical Writer, employed in Project Dept. of Davide Maternini SPA got married and we were all very happy to share this joy with her.

A few days later, Saturday September 30th , our Giorgio Tamborini, Project Engineer of Davide Maternini SPA took the same step and this made us very happy for him, too.

We wish you both all the best for this new adventure!

Our new entry in the world of testing machines!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are extremely pleased to introduce you a new evolution of our R&D and Tech Office branch. Since the leading of performance of an abrasive disc is becoming more and more important and a real key of success, the availability on the market of machines able to deal with the quality of discs is fundamental too. The Testing Unit we are introducing you today is called MDM 230/400 and measures the cutting reliability of large discs from diameter 230 up to diameter 400 mm. It is clearly compact and easy to position or to move as necessary within your company.

The main feature of this tester is a semi-automatic controlling system. A leveller staying externally the safety cabin is controlled manually by the operator. In this way it’s possible to perfectly simulate a chop saw stand which can be easily found in any mechanical workshop. Awareness and experience, especially for large diameter discs and for such kind of operation, are essential for operators working with these tools. The user will be indeed able to apply more or less pressure to the leveller in order to register different behaviour of the wheel.

The machine itself is able to detect many kinds of data like: duration of the cut, pressure, speed and consumption in Ampere, number of cuts and data historicization…. a multitasking machine! Of course, all data are set in a recipe and operator can set the targets he needs to reach during the testing session. As previously anticipated, machine’s size is not so bulky (around 2,5 x 1,5 meters) and it has been studied to help the ergonomic of the user. Don’t hesitate to ask us more info or questions about this new frontier for the testing instruments!

We are at complete disposal!

Vertical Lathe

Maternini increases his production potential!

A new machine tool has permanently become part of the MDM machine fleet in the internal department of mechanical machining. This is a double column vertical lathe, model TCD-320. Through its vertical spindle, this innovative machine is capable of offering two fundamental operations in the world of mechanical constructions: turning and milling. Its 2,5 meter platform, the support base for the various pieces, allows the turning of diameters up to a maximum of 3,2 meters with a maximum height of 2 meters and a maximum loadable weight of 25 tons. PCD tools can be assembled in order to obtain the desired shapes in the most precise and rapid way. At the same time, tools dedicated to specific milling can also be installed and used for this particular process. In fact, this multi-task machine is equipped with a double rotating magazine containing 16 different tools for turning and 16 for milling. A Siemens CNC numerical control guarantees maximum reliability for safely obtaining the shape and tolerances required for each piece designed by the Maternini Technical Office. The use of this lathe will allow an increase in skills in the construction of Davide Maternini machinery and also a greater mastery in phases of the production cycle which will guarantee MDM brand products even more reliable and solid.

Wishes for holiday season!

From everyone at Davide Maternini SpA
a sincere wish for a joyous holiday season,
rich of special moments and happy memories.
Thanks you all for collaboration!
See you in 2023!

MDM second-hand machines

Today Davide Maternini SpA offers you four second-hand machines in perfect condition. Here below you can find a list of available machines, click on the link for details:

We remain at your disposal for more information, do not hesitate to contact us at our email address maternini@maternini.it


Deforming Machine

Celebration of 75th anniversary of Davide Maternini SPA

On September 4th, it has been celebrated the 75th anniversary of the foundation of Davide Maternini Spa with an event that involved all employees and their families.

This event was strongly desired and organized not only to celebrate the company’s 75 years of activity but also and above all to express our gratitude to all the employees who contribute day by day with their efforts and their reliability to the growth of this working reality.

Despite the difficulties and new challenges that arise every day, we are ready to continue with the same dedication and enthusiasm. Grateful for your trust we hope that the working partnership will remain fruitful… for the next 75 years (and beyond)!


MDM 560-CN-5A

CNC turning operation with two axes more specially developed for the forming of grinding gear wheels!

Dear Customers, Maternini team is proud to present you a new entry in our lathe machinery range. The continuous development in the field of finishing of vitrified/ceramic wheels led us to the launch of this new equipment mainly focused on a specific shape but, of course, even able to work-out traditional processing of a CNC MDM machine. Lathe MDM 560 CN-5A is particularly dedicated to the modelling of spiral shapes for rectification of gears and, as our standard, for the forming of dedicated designs as well as finishing of surfaces, ODs and IDs of wheels. Main secret of this machine is given by its particular engineering. Thanks to the motion of its axes and, in particular, of the turning table and spindle, machine is able to perform a huge number of works and different profiles. Regarding sizes and dimensions of the wheels to be handled, lathe MDM 560 CN-5A is able to work maximum up to 560 mm (22”) in external diameter, minimum 240 mm (9.5”) and 300 mm (12”) in thickness. Many different options are available to improve the automation of the machine and the practicality of use by the operator: automatic tools storage, crane or other system to handle the wheel, controls over the tools wearing, dedicated software which permits you to simulate over your PC as many profiles and works as you need…and others more! That’s why we want to show you our MDM 560 CN 5A lathe as our latest news!!! Nowadays Maternini provides lathe machines able to cover a huge range of diameters up to 1200 mm (48”) without fixed restrictions on height and central hole size.

Contact us if you are interested in going deeper!

We would be glad to assist you!

Special Occasion!

Second-hand Testing Machine prompt delivery

Dear friend, our Team is pleased to inform you about a great opportunity available these days. It’s about a very special Burst Testing Machine able to test discs in a range between 75 to 100 mm (3’’ and 4”) with a maximum reachable speed equal to 50.000 rpm. This machine is a second-hand unit but it’s only three years old. Of course, all basic components of the Tester Unit will be totally revamped and the machine will be supplied with same warranty period as given on brand new machines.

Main technical features are listed here below:

  • Electro-spindle driven
  • Installed power of 4 kw, ceramic bearing mounted
  • Various safety sensors guarantee the security for a reliable test
  • At wheel breakage and/or at the end of the test, after deceleration has started, the machine stops automatically
  • A vast number of recipes can be set

Don’t miss this opportunity!

If you have any questions or need more details,

do not hesitate to contact our Sales Department!