Topic of the day concerns a new rotary press developed and already launched on the market by Davide Maternini SpA. The machine we are dealing with is not dedicated to the market of rigid abrasives but gravities in the world of coated abrasives. We can proudly describe here a rotary press able to shape fiber-discs and give them the wished and required deformation grade of the disc itself.

Properly designed for the market of coated abrasives, the name of this press is “Deforming machine”. It is available in two versions: a higher productivity model which installs ten moulds (MDM 125 3C R4 20T) and a lower productivity model composed by just four moulds (MDM 50×4 3C R4 8T). Among the main features of the machine, it appears the capability to warm the moulds in order to reach the desired temperature and so to optimize the flexion of the fiber-disc.

Here follows a quick description of the working cycle: a mechanical arm collects the discs from a cart positioned by the operator and releases them over the shaped moulds on the machine’s table which turns and bring the discs under the pressing position. As last step another arm picks-up the deformed discs and places them over the unloading belt. Here the worker will collect the discs and starts the next operation. Quick, reliable, plentiful productivity and satisfactory quality of the finished product, the Deforming machine is surely the best solution for all the Companies working in the market of fiber-discs.

For any further question or for knowing more about that,please don’t hesitate to contact the Sales Office of Davide Maternini SpA.