Special occasion for an available second hand machine!


“What we have not dared, we have certainly lost”
Oscar Wilde


Dear Friends, we are pleased today to update all of you regarding a great opportunity just arisen and which will certainly be of great appeal for your Company.

The subject of this occasion is a possible negotiation regarding a 2nd hand full-automatic rotary press machine.

Ready for a live inspection and ready as well for an eventual shipment to a new user.


We are dealing about a reliable and robust MDM press dedicated to the production of cutting discs diameter 230 or 180 mm (9 or 7 inches).

Traditional mix filling system with shuttle-box and equipped with four moulds on each of its six stations.

Today the machine is in acceptable conditions but, without a doubt, a technical discussion with your Team is feasible  to set and agree an appropriate level of revamping, if needed from your side obviously.


Our Sales team is 100% ready and excited to start a discussion on this matter with You.


Just contact us!


Below the layout of the rotary press just described.