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Davide Maternini, a life for the company 1911 – 2011

In September 2011, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founder’s birth, the whole company got together for celebrating this event and it has been published and introduced a book written by the family in his memory. In 2015 the book has been reprinted including the English translation.        

Local newspaper meets Davide Maternini spa

During Varesenews tour among several towns of Varese province, the local newspaper visited our company for a brief interview. Siamo stati alla Mdm, una delle più importanti ditte malnatesi che fabbrica macchine per la produzione di mole abrasive e le esporta in tutto il mondo. Parliamo con uno dei figli di Davide Maternini, Giuseppe che […]

Robot Application

In recent years, Maternini has developed a strong familiarity with the use of the robots inside their own machineries. This innovation is taking hold thanks to its high reliability, affordable prices, and of course, the important flexibility that this system ensures.          

Launch on the market of the first inclined mixer

Variable capacity from 100 to 200kg with 30° inclination in order to reach a more and more uniform mixture. Highly flexible mixer able to work even in standard condition with horizontal mix bowl. Last but not least, it has the possibility to set the bowls and blades speed according to the customer’s requirements.     […]