MDM 560-CN-5A

CNC turning operation with two axes more specially developed for the forming of grinding gear wheels!

Dear Customers, Maternini team is proud to present you a new entry in our lathe machinery range. The continuous development in the field of finishing of vitrified/ceramic wheels led us to the launch of this new equipment mainly focused on a specific shape but, of course, even able to work-out traditional processing of a CNC MDM machine. Lathe MDM 560 CN-5A is particularly dedicated to the modelling of spiral shapes for rectification of gears and, as our standard, for the forming of dedicated designs as well as finishing of surfaces, ODs and IDs of wheels. Main secret of this machine is given by its particular engineering. Thanks to the motion of its axes and, in particular, of the turning table and spindle, machine is able to perform a huge number of works and different profiles. Regarding sizes and dimensions of the wheels to be handled, lathe MDM 560 CN-5A is able to work maximum up to 560 mm (22”) in external diameter, minimum 240 mm (9.5”) and 300 mm (12”) in thickness. Many different options are available to improve the automation of the machine and the practicality of use by the operator: automatic tools storage, crane or other system to handle the wheel, controls over the tools wearing, dedicated software which permits you to simulate over your PC as many profiles and works as you need…and others more! That’s why we want to show you our MDM 560 CN 5A lathe as our latest news!!! Nowadays Maternini provides lathe machines able to cover a huge range of diameters up to 1200 mm (48”) without fixed restrictions on height and central hole size.

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