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New price list for hard metal rings and pins

On the occasion of the new year 2017, Davide Maternini SPA is pleased to announce the launch of a new price list for hard metal rings and pins.

Available dimensions are several, starting from ø 100 mm (4 inches) to ø 230 mm (9 inches).
Bigger diameters are available, as well, on customers’ requests.
Hard metal rings can be manufactured both on MDM drawings (suitable for MDM press machines) and on Customer’s drawing.

Rings are exclusively manufactured in our headquarters, only using Italian raw material: both these features guarantee reliability and high quality of the product.

The most valuable differences, which can be compared to the past, may be noticed on the new and innovative productive process which permits a sensible reduction of production time in comparison with the past.

Maternini gives to the customers the possibility to place orders and schedule delivery time along the year.

On demand Maternini can supply samples of hard metal rings and pins to the customers to be tested. If you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email. We will be happy  to find together suitable solutions for you.