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Stay connected whenever you want!

Anomalies on your aged machines? Small issues which bother your team? Or just periodical checks?

Dedicated to all your machinery which is not equipped with the latest versions of industrial PC,  it is today available a really useful technical upgrade in order to get your equipment connected with Maternini Service Department simply by Internet connection.

We are talking about the Asem ubiquity router: this router must be applied inside the electrical control box and in a few minutes the connection will start.

Problem solving and assistance by Maternini team will be much easier and faster than ever!


For more information do not hesitate to contact MDM commercial office.


Dear Customer,

don’t miss one of the three new chances we are proposing you!

Check here below all details and do not hesistate in contacting us if you require more information.


N. 1 New hydraulic press MDM 560 -4C 700 T, ready for delivery.

• Main Piston: ∅ 560 mm
• Pressing Power: 700T
• Adjustable Pressure: 50 to 280 bar
• Piston Downstroke Speed: 100 mm/sec
• Piston Upstroke Speed: 160 mm/sec
• Installed power: 34 to 38 Kw
• Weight: 20 T
• Voltage: On request
• Nbr. Operators: 2
• Cycle Time: 20 sec.


N. 2 New MDM 400 SP 350 T, ready in two months.

• Main Piston: ∅ 400 mm
• Pressing Power: 350 T
• Adjustable Pressure: 40 to 280 bar
• Height of Working Table: 1200 mm
• Piston Down stroke Speed: 110 mm/sec
• Pressure Sm/sec
• Pressure Speed (till 250 bar): 2 mm/sec
• Max Number of layer: 10
• Installed power: 20 Kw
• Weight: 10 T
• Voltage: On request


N.1 Second-hand machine MDM 600 L TR, ready in the current conditions, three months with revamping.



• Dia. piston: 600 mm.
• Press: 750 T
• Installed power: KW 20
• Adjustable pressure: 40 – 260 bar
• Max stroke of piston: 220 mm.
• Weight: 21.000 Kg.
• Nr. max cavities: 10
• Pressing time: 13 sec. approx.


We look  forward to hearing from you soon!