Chinese delegation visiting Davide Maternini Spa

Samuele Astuti Cina MaterniniOn Tuesday, October 6th 2015, our company had the honor and privilege to receive a Chinese delegation. It was made up of politicians from the region of Guangdong, headed by Mrs. Zhang Meizhen, vice chairman from Zhuhai Chamber of Commerce and the highest representatives of the company “Zhuhai Elephant Abrasive Co.” driven by their strong interest towards Maternini equipment  for the production of coated abrasive and machines  for vitrified / resinoid bonded wheels.DSCF0333

The meeting started with a welcome buffet followed by a commercial and technical presentation aimed at promoting machineries skills and potentiality of our production.

With the hope this meeting could be the beginning of a fruitful and successful cooperation on the Italy-China axis.