An innovative cooperation

Davide Maternini S.p.A. announces a new strategic cooperation with Aeris s.r.l.

We are pleased to announce a new cooperation with Aeris s.r.l., an innovative Company operating in the field of industrial air traitment. The cooperation between Davide Maternini S.p.A. and Aeris s.r.l. aims to integrate the advanced skills of both companies to develop even more efficient and technologically advanced integrated solutions. This partnership will join our long experience in the abrasives industry with Aeris’s latest innovation and technology in the air treatment.

Maintaining constant temperature and even most importantly the humidity level, in our industry is a key factor, as you know, to ensure product quality and production efficiency, respecting the work safety. These benefits mean potentially considerable process improvements, thus contributing to the overall success of the company.

“We are excited to cooperate with Aeris,” said Franco Maternini, CEO of Davide Maternini S.p.A. “This partnership represents an important step for our company towards innovation and continuous improvement of services to our customers.” “Together, we can reach new goals and propose high-tech solutions to the customers in this field,” added Eros Nani, CEO of Aeris s.r.l, “We are honoured to cooperate with Davide Maternini S.p.A. and look forward to start this new adventure”.

Thanks to this agreement, the two companies will be able to offer a wide range of innovative solutions to their customers, strengthening their leading position in the market. Customers will benefit both of advanced technologies, and an important increase in production efficiency. The cooperation between Davide Maternini S.p.A. and Aeris s.r.l. opens a new chapter in the innovation of the abrasives industry. Both companies look forward to seeing the results of this teamwork and continuing to provide excellent solutions to the customers.

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