A new entry in the family of auxiliary machines: the way to count wheels.

The functionality of the machine is to quickly and accurately count a predefined number of wheels set by the operator or by the person in charge of the packaging inside a production department.

Basically, an arm driven by an electric motor collects four wheels (or three depending on the chosen CTP model) and places them neatly on an unloading belt.

Previously, the wheels are loaded manually on a rotating store which allows the machine to continue working during this operation.

Of course, depending on the needs, it is possible to select the height or rather the number of wheels that must be stacked one above the other on the belt.

Extremely interesting is how the machine can be integrated with the following steps in the production cycle: the stacks can be collected manually or by means of an automatic arm and moved according to the logistic process.

Another interesting aspect lies in the fact that the machine is equipped with special lifting flanges that allow it to be easily moved inside the shed.

Ultimately we can proudly say that the final goal of this machine is to facilitate packaging operations by reducing the margin of error to zero in the counting phase.

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