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Standalone testing units for developing trials about filling and levelling of mixture: MDM WEI-FILL & MDM GRA-FIL.
Machines projected for filling of mixture by weight and rotating levelling (MDM WEI-FILL) and by volume with scraping blade (MDM GRA-FILL).
Ideal to proof the quality of levelling into the mould by using two different ways.
Possibility to pick-up the moulds and place them under a press to obtain finished wheels and develop further tests with finished product.

Technical Features

  • Way to fill mix:
    By weight and by volume
  • Wheels diameter:
    From 115 to 230 mm
  • Motions:
    By brushless motor
  • Filling of the mix:
    Manual after weighed and with belt
  • Levelling of the mix:
    Rotating of blades and with scraping blade
  • Dimensions:
    Around 180 x 150 x h=180 cm for both
  • Number of operators: