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Take advantage of 4.0 Industry and make your job interconnected

Today, the importance for a manufacturer of having machines capable of “dialogue” with the staff in charge is increasingly growing.

Fundamental data regarding the reliability of the machinery, as well as the repeatability of the output, are analyzed in order to minimize the margin of error and constantly monitor the quality of their production.

And it is precisely for this reason that MDM technicians have developed and tend to periodically optimize machine/man communication systems.

In addition to the classic “historical” file that lists and processes the dimensional characteristics and cyclicality of each produced abrasive disc on an Excel sheet, a second dedicated software was developed specifically for processing additional data.

Through various tools such as linear graphics, Booleans, orientation images and CSV files, the operator is perfectly capable of understanding and managing multiple information such as: the productivity of the machine, the quick and smart identification of alarms, the frequency of the machine stops,  the quantity and reasons of rejects, work times and downtime of each single station … all about daily production!

But that is not all.

All this amount of information can be transmitted to the customer’s intranet and this means creating 4.0 connectivity within your company.

This feature, closely linked to the technological innovation of each individual company, is agreed and defined between the MDM technicians and the customer.

The main signals that the machine must transmit to the internal system are defined and the receipt of production orders (recipe – quantity – order identification …) is arranged directly from the system, and the operator only has to select the order to be executed.

This connection is made through the most modern software on the market (DBMS such as SQL express).

Any company today looks to the future… MDM is excited to create it with you !!!

We are back and ready to restart our engines!

During our 73 years of activity we would have never imagined experiencing a historical event of this magnitude.
In the past two months we have experienced different moods, from the pain of the loss of so many fellow citizens to the frustration of the necessary isolation to which we have been subjected, but with the only hope that we would return soon to our daily lives.
Now, we don’t want to deceive ourselves, the battle is not yet won and we still have a long way to go,
but, in full compliance with all regulations to protect ours and our collaboratores’ health,

we are ready to restart the engines with the same power that distinguishes us.

We want to warmly thank all those who sent us messages of affection and closeness. We heartily appreciate it.


See you soon and look forward to seeing you in the most beautiful country in the world!


New PTA-2 test machine

MDM is finally pleased to announce the launch of a new testing unit on the market.
A new concept of machine has been developed to check the quality of abrasive cutting discs.

What distinguishes it from past models is that on MDM PTA-2, the cut-off disc is driven directly by a brushless electrical motor and no longer by a commercial angle grinder.


Main advantages:
– Possibility to set any required testing speeds according to Customer needs.
– No more errors or differences which may depend on the use of a grinder brand rather than another one.

In other words, the new PTA-2 offers the most precise and objective results on the performance of your cut-off disc!

The machine cycle is conceived to reproduce a certain number of cuts always in the same conditions and on the same material.
Once the test is over, the operator will be able to obtain all necessary information about wheel wearing.
Data are downloadable on USB supports or directly on the Customer Intranet System.
Wheels testable range is between diameter 100 to 255 mm.
The machine is located into a safety chamber equipped with many connections for air dust.
This test is driven by Siemens PLC Simatic 1500.


If you are interested in knowing more details, do not hesitate in contacting us!

Latest news

Dear Customer,

following the latest news about Coronavirus spread in the North of Italy,

we want to inform that all departments of DAVIDE MATERNINI SPA are regularly working since our area has not been affected.

Of course we are taking all necessary actions as prescribed by the Italian Ministry of Health.
We are constantly monitoring the situation and in case of further developments, you will be promptly informed.

The company keeps working and carrying out its usual activity without any stop, therefore do not hesitate in contacting us.


See you in 2020


All of us at Maternini join in wishing you a joyous holiday season and a New Year filled with peace and happiness!

See you in 2020 with even more enthusiasm and passion to cooperate with all of you!


***Premises will be closed from December 24th to January 6th.
Accounting, Sales and Technical Depts. will be available on January 02nd and 03rd, too.

Lathes family is getting bigger and bigger

Dear Customer,

we are proud to announce the widening of our finishing and shaping machines family dedicated to ceramic and vitrified wheels. What are we talking about?

Our “small” lathe is able to work wheels up to 560 mm diameter and 300 mm thickness: speed as well as precision are its strength!

Many are the feasible shapes, such as: external/internal diameters, surfaces, profile and gears.
Don’t forget the possibility to customize the wheels shape according to your request thanks to a software able to simulate the desired configuration through the PC and the machine.


Nowadays Maternini provides lathe machines able to cover a huge range of diameter up to 1200 mm without restrictions on height and central hole, and a lot of options are available.
Contact us if you are interested in going deeper, we would be glad to assist you.

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40 years association with the Industrial Union

On Monday, May 27th 2019, Davide Maternini SPA had the honor of being awarded a prize during the General Assembly of the Industrial Union of the Province of Varese.

Our business reality has been rewarded for the 40 years association with the Union out of 72 of company history.

It was a pleasure taking part in this ceremony which involved over than 30 companies of the province, with the hope that many more years of cooperation will follow.

In this regard, we invite you to take a look at the opening video of the Assembly (only in Italian).


Prize given by the outgoing President of Industrial Union, Riccardo Comerio 
Prize received by Federica Maternini 
Photo credits Franco Garbin


New models of machines belonging to speed tester family!

Maternini staff is pleased to introduce and show you our new speed test machines which are now available on the market.


– MDM PVM 16-230-2T:
It is a double spindle machine designed to test resinoid cutoff or grinding wheels.
The most interesting feature of this machine is that it is designed to check the nominal running of the wheels.
Diameter of testable wheels is up to 230 mm (9”). Max speed the machine can achieve is 16.000 rpm and the whole machine cycle time is 6,5 seconds.
Standard machine is manual and one operator is required to load and unload the wheels to be tested… but
don’t forget, it is possible to design automations to allow the wheels to be tested in full automatic sequence.
Of course, automatic devices are able to follow Costumer needs and their productive aims.

Ask us for an official offer to discover the complete cycle sequence and more technical / commercial details.


– MDM PVM 300 OR 050
This is a speed and burst tester designed to run resinoid cutoff or grinding wheels. Maximum reachable
speed is 50.000 rpm.
Machine specially developed to test wheels with reduced diameter up to 100 mm (4”).
An electro-spindle drives the test giving the most possible accurate performance.
Different safety sensors give also the necessary assurance for a well-done test.
At wheel breakdown and/or test end, machine stops automatically after deceleration has started.

Ask us for an official offer to discover the complete cycle sequence and more technical / commercial details.

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