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Vertical Lathe

Maternini increases his production potential!

A new machine tool has permanently become part of the MDM machine fleet in the internal department of mechanical machining. This is a double column vertical lathe, model TCD-320. Through its vertical spindle, this innovative machine is capable of offering two fundamental operations in the world of mechanical constructions: turning and milling. Its 2,5 meter platform, the support base for the various pieces, allows the turning of diameters up to a maximum of 3,2 meters with a maximum height of 2 meters and a maximum loadable weight of 25 tons. PCD tools can be assembled in order to obtain the desired shapes in the most precise and rapid way. At the same time, tools dedicated to specific milling can also be installed and used for this particular process. In fact, this multi-task machine is equipped with a double rotating magazine containing 16 different tools for turning and 16 for milling. A Siemens CNC numerical control guarantees maximum reliability for safely obtaining the shape and tolerances required for each piece designed by the Maternini Technical Office. The use of this lathe will allow an increase in skills in the construction of Davide Maternini machinery and also a greater mastery in phases of the production cycle which will guarantee MDM brand products even more reliable and solid.

Wishes for holiday season!

From everyone at Davide Maternini SpA
a sincere wish for a joyous holiday season,
rich of special moments and happy memories.
Thanks you all for collaboration!
See you in 2023!

Deforming Machine

New PTA-2 test machine

MDM is finally pleased to announce the launch of a new testing unit on the market.
A new concept of machine has been developed to check the quality of abrasive cutting discs.

What distinguishes it from past models is that on MDM PTA-2, the cut-off disc is driven directly by a brushless electrical motor and no longer by a commercial angle grinder.


Main advantages:
– Possibility to set any required testing speeds according to Customer needs.
– No more errors or differences which may depend on the use of a grinder brand rather than another one.

In other words, the new PTA-2 offers the most precise and objective results on the performance of your cut-off disc!

The machine cycle is conceived to reproduce a certain number of cuts always in the same conditions and on the same material.
Once the test is over, the operator will be able to obtain all necessary information about wheel wearing.
Data are downloadable on USB supports or directly on the Customer Intranet System.
Wheels testable range is between diameter 100 to 255 mm.
The machine is located into a safety chamber equipped with many connections for air dust.
This test is driven by Siemens PLC Simatic 1500.


If you are interested in knowing more details, do not hesitate in contacting us!

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New models of machines belonging to speed tester family!

Maternini staff is pleased to introduce and show you our new speed test machines which are now available on the market.


– MDM PVM 16-230-2T:
It is a double spindle machine designed to test resinoid cutoff or grinding wheels.
The most interesting feature of this machine is that it is designed to check the nominal running of the wheels.
Diameter of testable wheels is up to 230 mm (9”). Max speed the machine can achieve is 16.000 rpm and the whole machine cycle time is 6,5 seconds.
Standard machine is manual and one operator is required to load and unload the wheels to be tested… but
don’t forget, it is possible to design automations to allow the wheels to be tested in full automatic sequence.
Of course, automatic devices are able to follow Costumer needs and their productive aims.

Ask us for an official offer to discover the complete cycle sequence and more technical / commercial details.


– MDM PVM 300 OR 050
This is a speed and burst tester designed to run resinoid cutoff or grinding wheels. Maximum reachable
speed is 50.000 rpm.
Machine specially developed to test wheels with reduced diameter up to 100 mm (4”).
An electro-spindle drives the test giving the most possible accurate performance.
Different safety sensors give also the necessary assurance for a well-done test.
At wheel breakdown and/or test end, machine stops automatically after deceleration has started.

Ask us for an official offer to discover the complete cycle sequence and more technical / commercial details.

Stay connected whenever you want!

Anomalies on your aged machines? Small issues which bother your team? Or just periodical checks?

Dedicated to all your machinery which is not equipped with the latest versions of industrial PC,  it is today available a really useful technical upgrade in order to get your equipment connected with Maternini Service Department simply by Internet connection.

We are talking about the Asem ubiquity router: this router must be applied inside the electrical control box and in a few minutes the connection will start.

Problem solving and assistance by Maternini team will be much easier and faster than ever!


For more information do not hesitate to contact MDM commercial office.


MDM Sales team is proud to present the full range of testing machines.
Aim of these units is to provide the end-user with detailed information regarding the performance of their cut-off or grinding wheels, both resinoid bonded or vitrified/ceramic products.
Smart and “easy-use” reports can be downloaded from the machines in order to have the best comparability between each kind of test. The mechanical precision of this equipment joined to a top quality accuracy of instruments guarantees a top-class laboratory for the examination of abrasive tools.


Let us start our presentation from the most common but useful test: burst/speed. Standard version of this tester runs up to 32000 rpm but, in case of specific technical requirements, MDM is able to provide even machines with higher or lower speeds. The operator inside the burst chamber fixes the wheels, starts the machine and that’s it! The machine detects the breaking point and the reached speed. A series of extra-safeties assures the correct running. About vitrified and ceramic wheels, special designs of the machine according to size of wheels to be tested is offered to the buyer.



Performance of abrasive discs: cut-off and grinding machines! The first one, called PTA, is a tester able to record all data concerning level and wear rate of wheels after a selected number of cuts. Concerning the control of grinding action of discs, PSA unit is the ideal instrument. An operator who leads these machines has the opportunity to set the test according to different variables like pressure of the grinders, current consumption, constant speed, different working axis setting etc.



A dedicated chapter belongs to balancing units. This variable is more and more determinant in order to give quality and reliability to every kind of abrasive disc. MDM machines check the balance or unbalance of wheels thanks to a dedicated software able to provide both the value and the positioning on the surface of the unbalanced disc. This family of testers covers all the measures of cut-off and grinding wheels present in the market: from 100 up to 600 mm (4” to 24”) with thickness up to 8 mm (0,3”).


Last but not the least, the speed tester dedicated to complying of safety rules UNI EN 12413:2011. This is the three sides loading where tests are settled as the norm says. Machine is available both in full automatic and manual version.

Do not forget the opportunity to create a dedicated lab composed by two of the above-described testers, which are lead by a common interface. In this way, only one operator is fully engaged in the control and develop of the abrasive tools.

This is just a short description of Maternini testing machinery and their main features.
By contacting us, you will have the chance to discover in details our complete technical and commercial offer!


Dear Customer,

don’t miss one of the three new chances we are proposing you!

Check here below all details and do not hesistate in contacting us if you require more information.


N. 1 New hydraulic press MDM 560 -4C 700 T, ready for delivery.

• Main Piston: ∅ 560 mm
• Pressing Power: 700T
• Adjustable Pressure: 50 to 280 bar
• Piston Downstroke Speed: 100 mm/sec
• Piston Upstroke Speed: 160 mm/sec
• Installed power: 34 to 38 Kw
• Weight: 20 T
• Voltage: On request
• Nbr. Operators: 2
• Cycle Time: 20 sec.


N. 2 New MDM 400 SP 350 T, ready in two months.

• Main Piston: ∅ 400 mm
• Pressing Power: 350 T
• Adjustable Pressure: 40 to 280 bar
• Height of Working Table: 1200 mm
• Piston Down stroke Speed: 110 mm/sec
• Pressure Sm/sec
• Pressure Speed (till 250 bar): 2 mm/sec
• Max Number of layer: 10
• Installed power: 20 Kw
• Weight: 10 T
• Voltage: On request


N.1 Second-hand machine MDM 600 L TR, ready in the current conditions, three months with revamping.



• Dia. piston: 600 mm.
• Press: 750 T
• Installed power: KW 20
• Adjustable pressure: 40 – 260 bar
• Max stroke of piston: 220 mm.
• Weight: 21.000 Kg.
• Nr. max cavities: 10
• Pressing time: 13 sec. approx.


We look  forward to hearing from you soon!


New price list for hard metal rings and pins

On the occasion of the new year 2017, Davide Maternini SPA is pleased to announce the launch of a new price list for hard metal rings and pins.

Available dimensions are several, starting from ø 100 mm (4 inches) to ø 230 mm (9 inches).
Bigger diameters are available, as well, on customers’ requests.
Hard metal rings can be manufactured both on MDM drawings (suitable for MDM press machines) and on Customer’s drawing.

Rings are exclusively manufactured in our headquarters, only using Italian raw material: both these features guarantee reliability and high quality of the product.

The most valuable differences, which can be compared to the past, may be noticed on the new and innovative productive process which permits a sensible reduction of production time in comparison with the past.

Maternini gives to the customers the possibility to place orders and schedule delivery time along the year.

On demand Maternini can supply samples of hard metal rings and pins to the customers to be tested. If you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email. We will be happy  to find together suitable solutions for you.