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We are proud to announce the launch on the market of a new concept of rotary press machine: the MDM 250-2C-R24 130 tons.

Projected and developed by Maternini Engineering team, manufactured in its premises, this new machine intends to run towards the latest productive and technological needs of abrasive wheels’ Producers. Secret of this machine is the capacity to weigh the selected quantity of necessary mix, fill the cavity and level the mixture inside the mould through a dedicated operation. Thanks to this innovative level of technology we can guarantee the achievement of the best result in terms of balancing of discs and a visual excellence which gives the feeling to obtain a top level tool.

Machine is designed in multi stations with possibility of having up to 3 layers of mix, 3 loads of fiber-glasses, top/bottom labels and bushing.

This configuration keeps the machine universal because able to produce many and many typology of discs, cut-off or grinding wheels, with a wide range of available thickness.
As optional, Customer can decide to add the “shaping table”: this device permits the central deformation of wheels, one by one, so to reach an optimal effect for your depressed-centered discs. As usual, many different ways for stacking of wheels together with aluminum plates or teflon supports can be created to meet Producer’s aim.
Our Maternini Sales team is pleased anytime to forward you more info about this press but, if you want to discover the main technical features of this machine you can check them on the dedicated page of this website.