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We are back and ready to restart our engines!

During our 73 years of activity we would have never imagined experiencing a historical event of this magnitude.
In the past two months we have experienced different moods, from the pain of the loss of so many fellow citizens to the frustration of the necessary isolation to which we have been subjected, but with the only hope that we would return soon to our daily lives.
Now, we don’t want to deceive ourselves, the battle is not yet won and we still have a long way to go,
but, in full compliance with all regulations to protect ours and our collaboratores’ health,

we are ready to restart the engines with the same power that distinguishes us.

We want to warmly thank all those who sent us messages of affection and closeness. We heartily appreciate it.


See you soon and look forward to seeing you in the most beautiful country in the world!


New PTA-2 test machine

MDM is finally pleased to announce the launch of a new testing unit on the market.
A new concept of machine has been developed to check the quality of abrasive cutting discs.

What distinguishes it from past models is that on MDM PTA-2, the cut-off disc is driven directly by a brushless electrical motor and no longer by a commercial angle grinder.


Main advantages:
– Possibility to set any required testing speeds according to Customer needs.
– No more errors or differences which may depend on the use of a grinder brand rather than another one.

In other words, the new PTA-2 offers the most precise and objective results on the performance of your cut-off disc!

The machine cycle is conceived to reproduce a certain number of cuts always in the same conditions and on the same material.
Once the test is over, the operator will be able to obtain all necessary information about wheel wearing.
Data are downloadable on USB supports or directly on the Customer Intranet System.
Wheels testable range is between diameter 100 to 255 mm.
The machine is located into a safety chamber equipped with many connections for air dust.
This test is driven by Siemens PLC Simatic 1500.


If you are interested in knowing more details, do not hesitate in contacting us!

Stay connected whenever you want!

Anomalies on your aged machines? Small issues which bother your team? Or just periodical checks?

Dedicated to all your machinery which is not equipped with the latest versions of industrial PC,  it is today available a really useful technical upgrade in order to get your equipment connected with Maternini Service Department simply by Internet connection.

We are talking about the Asem ubiquity router: this router must be applied inside the electrical control box and in a few minutes the connection will start.

Problem solving and assistance by Maternini team will be much easier and faster than ever!


For more information do not hesitate to contact MDM commercial office.



  • Two external and independent working stations with central pressing position, which allow to prepare grinding wheels of different type and size:sito
    Ø 100-125 x 8 cavities
    Ø 150-180 x 6 cavities
    Ø 230-250 x 4 cavities
    Ø 300 x 2 cavities
    Ø 350-500 x 1 cavity
  • Electro welded structure with four pre-tensioned columns (750 Ton).
  • Cylinder and piston of forged steel rectified and chromed.
  • Volume shuttle-box for the abrasive with belts feeders.
  • Patented system for the rapid removal of equipment and moulds.
  • Microprocessor for the programming of cavities and automatic adjustment of the cavities to produce wheels at constant thickness and/or weight.
  • Sound proofed  hydraulic unit.



New Interesting Offer, Don’t Miss It


Maternini staff is pleased to inform you about an interesting and affordable offer.

We are dealing with a second hand machine model MDM 750 4C TR 1200 tons equipped with two working sides for the manufacturing of ceramic or vitrified wheels.
The main components of the press are currently in an excellent status.
First side maximum productivity: ø 920 mm
Opposite side maximum productivity: ø 620 mm
Ring height: 550 mm
The machine is supplied with top plates conveyor which, as you know, is able to manufacture two different diameters on the two sides.
Last but not least, the machine is fitted with back-pressure system in order to obtain the right pressure on both sides of the wheel.

Maternini proposes you the whole press after a general check of its main functionalities and after a brief meeting focused on the chance to consider modifications or replacements in mechanical and electronical parts.

Short delivery time and excellent quality are guaranteed, don’t miss the opportunity!