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Take advantage of 4.0 Industry and make your job interconnected

Today, the importance for a manufacturer of having machines capable of “dialogue” with the staff in charge is increasingly growing.

Fundamental data regarding the reliability of the machinery, as well as the repeatability of the output, are analyzed in order to minimize the margin of error and constantly monitor the quality of their production.

And it is precisely for this reason that MDM technicians have developed and tend to periodically optimize machine/man communication systems.

In addition to the classic “historical” file that lists and processes the dimensional characteristics and cyclicality of each produced abrasive disc on an Excel sheet, a second dedicated software was developed specifically for processing additional data.

Through various tools such as linear graphics, Booleans, orientation images and CSV files, the operator is perfectly capable of understanding and managing multiple information such as: the productivity of the machine, the quick and smart identification of alarms, the frequency of the machine stops,  the quantity and reasons of rejects, work times and downtime of each single station … all about daily production!

But that is not all.

All this amount of information can be transmitted to the customer’s intranet and this means creating 4.0 connectivity within your company.

This feature, closely linked to the technological innovation of each individual company, is agreed and defined between the MDM technicians and the customer.

The main signals that the machine must transmit to the internal system are defined and the receipt of production orders (recipe – quantity – order identification …) is arranged directly from the system, and the operator only has to select the order to be executed.

This connection is made through the most modern software on the market (DBMS such as SQL express).

Any company today looks to the future… MDM is excited to create it with you !!!


Davide Maternini S.p.A. is proud to announce the introduction of two technical innovations able to improve the quality performance of our finishing CNC machine series.
First of all, the automatic tools changing unit which is composed by a mechanical storage holding up twelve different shaping heads in different form and dimension. All this range of options permits the operator to obtain hundreds of different wheels configuration: from the “easiest” and most common shapes up to the most refined. Of course, the machine keeps free the owner to find new solutions following market requirements.
The second news is about a mechanical modification which allows the installation of a special tool able to create grinding gear wheels. In this field, the workable diameters are multiple in order to cover all the requests coming from the end user…and maintaining the “easy-use” accessibility which is one of the best features of this machine.
Despite these new innovations the main technical features of our lathe machines remain: workable diameters from 300 up to 1200 mm, possibility to shape external/internal edges and surfaces, work packs of wheels and much more!


dscf4351         img_20161229_093814           dscf4347                geargrindingwheels-1170x836